About Us

Over 10 YEARS, HSNX have delivered the perfect solutions for many people and agencies in Lao PDR.
HSNX began in 2010. After years in the construction industry, we realized that it was near impossible for the average people to fully understand the complexity of the construction works. They can just spend time to make their life meaningful and let's the headache construction work with us.

Our Vision

"We always value our customers' ideas. Therefore, we are seeking the best for our customers, and transform their ideas into reality with the high standard build."

Our Mission

"Our Customers mean the world. We strive to provide exactly what our customers need by working closely to extract the user preference and characteristics, and apply in the design and the build"

Our Services

HSNX is providing three main services; design,calculate& document, and design-build.

Virtual Designs

We extract construction requirements from clients' ideas to create outstanding virtual designs.

Calculate & Document

We can support your project with full construction permissions and related documents.


We are the experienced designer as well as the professional builder that will make your ideas a reality.
240 240 TechnicalEmployees
20 20 GovernmentAgencies
2 2 In progress Project
4 4 Completed Project

Our Projects

Discover Our Most Fascinating On-going and Completing Projects

Our Partners

Both government agencies and international agencies